~ Michael Franks, Jr.  -  Orphans' Court Records~







Orphans Court, Fayette County, Pennsylvania


December Court 1818


Franks Michael decd No 22 Henry Core acting executor of the last will and testament of Michael Franks decd late of German Township Fayette county and commonwealth of Pennsylvania ___ of such and so much of the goods and chattels, rightly and [oridety] of the said decd [as have] come to the hands, possession or knowledge of the said accountant, as of his payments & disbursements out of the same per inventory e[x]hibited into the register office and there remaining produces to the court an acct of his executorship duly passed before [the] Register whereby & here appears to be a balance of twenty one dollars and twelve cents and these ___ & __ in the hands of said accountant which acct the court ___ [allows] and confirms and ___ that said balance after deducting the clerk [fees] and the expense of this court be and be and remain in the hands of said accountant until such time as he may be legally called in for the same  __  21 // 1236





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