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This  Franks family site focuses primarily on the descendants of Michael Franks Sr. (a.k.a. Michael Franks I), who was born about 1725 in Germany, and died in Fayette County, Pennsylvania in 1793.    His three known children were Jacob Franks Sr. (1743-1802); Michael Franks Jr. (c.1745-c.1814); and Catharine Franks Baccus (c.1750-c.1812).  Our site also includes several families associated with the Franks family  -  especially those of Andrew Miller (1743-1816), Alexander Brandenbiger - Brandenburg - Brandyberry (d.1793), Philip Schmidt - Smith (1729-1814), Jacob Bonewitz (1761-1818), Jacob Furst - First (1750-1823), and Robert Lemon (1780-1875).




The Jacob B. Franks Family

Wayne County, Ohio c.1891

 Jacob B. Franks (1825-1911) was a great-great-grandson of Michael Franks Sr.

Trying to identify the individuals in this photograph was the real starting point of my interest in the genealogy of the Franks family.  See who's who



Since then, I have done extensive research on the Franks family, especially with those descendants who settled in or passed through the Wayne County, Ohio area.  Some of my research can be found in the family tree database portion of this web site.   In addition to my own research, the FRANKS database also includes  information compiled from the research of a number of other "Franks cousins" - including, but not limited to, those researchers listed  below.    Their contributions have been greatly appreciated, as their generous sharing of information has helped me to progress further than I would have been able to do on my own.


Some comments regarding the Franks family database.  I have researched a number of different Franks lines, and I attempt to maintain the genealogy database as accurately as possible.   Thus, the information should provide a good  guideline for your own research.     However, as with any other information found on the internet, or published in family histories, genealogies, etc., it is up to the individual researchers to verify the accuracy of any information they choose to use in their own genealogy work.   I have done my best to carefully record source information for the data in this FRANKS database; this information can be obtained by contacting me.   Inevitably, as with many other genealogies, this FRANKS database probably contains some errors.  Please contact me if you have any questions, corrections, or updates to this Franks family genealogy. 


We are experiencing some server vs. software "issues;" thus, the database section is not as current as I would like.  At this point, I unfortunately do not know how much longer it will be before the database is completely updated again.  If you have contacted me concerning updates or corrections, please note the "last updated" date on that particular page.


You will also notice that the database should not contain any information on living Franks descendants.  For privacy reasons I have removed these individuals using the utility GEDLiving.   Thus, you may find that some of the family groups may appear "incomplete" due to the omission of one or more family members who is alive today.


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I have started adding some of the "early" Franks wills and other documents to the site.  I'd like to include some photos as well ....  but don't have any of my own to include!     See wills, etc.



Both Jacob Franks and his brother, Michael Franks, Jr.,  are recognized Revolutionary War patriots.  Please see the Daughters of the American Revolution web site and its Genealogical Research System.



German origins of the Franks family?  See comments.




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My sincere apologies to anyone I have inadvertently left off of this list - please let me know and I will take care of the oversight!!





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