The Franks Family of Fayette County, Pennsylvania




Jacob Bonewitz Franks Family

Wayne County, Ohio c.1891


Jacob B. Franks (1825-1911) was a great-great-grandson of Michael Franks Sr.


This photograph shows the extended family of Jacob B. and Elizabeth (Rowland) Franks


 Standing:  Amzi Rowland Franks (son), James Elsworth Franks (son), Charles Matthews (son-in-law), Matilda A. Franks (daughter), William Henry Lawrence (son-in-law), Tilden Clark Franks (grandson).


Seated:  Margaret Dortha Miller Franks (daughter-in-law), Isaiah Newton Franks (son), Jacob Bonewitz Franks, Elizabeth Rowland Franks (wife), Maria Elizabeth Franks Lawrence (daughter).


Grandchildren, sitting Elisabeth Alwilda Franks, Warren Amzi Lawrence, Jacob Elton Franks, Wayne Elvero Matthews, Jane Alzada Franks.


Based on Elton's age and his attire ("short pants") vs. his older brother Tilden's attire, we initially estimated this photo to have been taken somewhere around 1890.  We later discovered that Rachel Franks Matthews (a daughter of Jacob B. Franks and the wife of Charles Matthews) died on July 24, 1891.  Thus, we speculate that this photo was taken shortly after her death, and that the "empty space" in the back row was done intentionally, in her memory. 





Susan Franks Leininger  2002